HomeTown Buffet en City of Industry, CA (2024)


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17500 Castleton St, City of Industry, CA, 91748

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Hoy 10:30 – 20:30

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Horario local (City of Industry) 5:22 martes, 9 de julio de 2024

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lunes10:30 – 20:30
martes10:30 – 20:30
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20 opiniones sobre HomeTown Buffet

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Gus S.

Tu valoración: 1
Pasadena, CA

Busy night, but poorly managed crowd is main reason. Plenty of empty tables for 90 min we were here. Seating manager spend most time talking and singing birthday songs. Should of been seating folks efficiently. Plenty of shortage of food items from salad bar to meat dishes. Potatoes and others items barely above room temp. Only one ice machine functioning and tons of water on floor causing major safety hazzard. Did have signs for wet floor but in the 90 min here, no one tried to clean or dry floor.
2nd time here and my last time. For this price I expect decent, but not great food and decent service. Best service here was table clearing crew.
Advice, go elsewhere with your hard earned dollars

Gwen V.

Tu valoración: 4
Hacienda Heights, CA

I’m a foodie. I love to eat… especially good food. I would have given more stars if it was a fancy restaurant or a restaurant with excellent food. But it’s buffet and so I had to give it at most 4. I must say though the people who work here are incredible. First off the cashier helped my family and I use dif coupons to help us save the most money. She was patient and helpful. One of the guys here was prompt to find co*cktail saurealizece for me at the back. Anna Lisa, one of the waitress’ here talked to us, was helpful, and friendly. She even told staff it was her bday (which we didn’t she knew). She came out with cake and candle and they all (including the manager) sang Happy bday. The manager was especially AWESOME!!! He was prompt with everything, he even helped my son find the flavor for a muffin, he taught my son a song, he was all smiles and came around to make sure everyone was doing well. The place has a new look too!

Tim C.

Tu valoración: 4
Los Angeles, CA

For the price, it’s four stars!
Taco bar is awesome! Get taco wasted. And instead of bacon bits just get the real bacon (the crunchy ones) and put it on the top! Oh yeah!
The French Toast, the fresh fruit, the salad bar, the fried chicken, the Eggs Benedict, and the beverage dispenser are other bonuses. I liked that they had an Omelette station, a self-​serve Icee dispenser and a soft serve ice milk machine. The variety of juices and flavored coffees were a huge plus!
The service was great because we had a waiter named Tony. My friend from Hawaii asked Tony if he was from Hawaii because he was so friendly, but he said that he was from Peru. Could’ve fooled me!
We all enjoyed the free parking and clean environment. It actually felt comfortable and we joked around for hours — literally! It’s no wonder that this place is called HOMEtown Buffet… It felt like we were at home! We’re coming back home!

Nadine C.

Tu valoración: 4
Kaneohe, HI

Friends were comparing this place to another mainland buffet chain that I had visited when I was in Virginia. I think that this place is better. .
For starters. .Free parking! Then you enter and pay… it’s very reasonable! There was no time limit. .we sat for hours! !
Next. the environment is very cheerful and clean! The restroom is convenient and the service was pleasant and efficient! Tony looked like he was from Hawaii, but he’s actually from Peru! The manager came around and checked up on us — how sweet, right?
Most importantly, everyone wants to know about the food. .yummy! The French Toast, crispy bacon, cappuccino dispenser, unlimited soft drinks, desserts, Icee, soft serve ice cream, salad bar, macaroni and cheese, taco bar, orange chicken, buttered corn, fried chicken, mashed potatoes., and other comfort foods were so enjoyable!
I sure would return! Let’s go!

Danny V.

Tu valoración: 4
Walnut, CA

Came here for Thanksgiving and had a great experience. Our server Liz was all smiles with us and very attentive. The food was good, not great but our altogether experience was. The desert was OK, but they did have ICEEs which made up for it. I’ll put up a pic of the Thanksgiving prices and menu just in case u have a family like mine… lol

Victor P.

Tu valoración: 2
La Puente, CA

Its ok for the price and if you want to eat a lot of food that is this bland plain food that’s been microwave

Raquel S.

Tu valoración: 2
Chino Hills, CA

first of all, this is not where I wanted to eat. I drove 30 minutes away to eat Golden Corral, my friends and I were really hungry, and I read good reviews so I we drove all the way here, only to find that it was over an hour wait. so we decided that hometown buffet .5 a mile away would be worth a shot.
so we walk inside hometown & order, 3 adults for dinner with sodas is about $ 50. I felt it was a bit pricey but I guess, were hungry at this point so it’s fine. (the girl at the cash register talked way too much by the way, I just came here to eat.) the food was not very good. the only thing I liked here was the mac & cheese. i tried salad, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, fried chicken & enchiladas. none of them really met my expectations to be honest. however the service was okay, they did take our plates which was nice. they remodeled and it’s nice in here, for hometown. but the food is not good for the amount I paid. I will not be coming back, next time I’ll wait in line at Golden Corral.
update** the ice cream is good, but they don’t have chocolate only vanilla and orange & when I went to grab a spoon, the one I pulled out had chocolate all over it, I was disgusted. obviously I searched for a clean one, but they should at least check the dishes before putting them out. oh and did i mention it’s overpriced?

Danielle O.

Tu valoración: 5
Rialto, CA

Awesome service, good food. They have an arcade area for the kids to play. Very clean. Management is amazing! Good for large groups or small.

Fan H.

Tu valoración: 2
Brea, CA

I was in the mood for fried chicken and since I have never been to hometown buffet before, it was the perfect time to give it a try.
Maybe they had an off night, maybe they were going to close in an hour and half. I don’t know, but the food quality and overall experience for my first time visit was not impressed at all.
Let’s start with walking in. After we said we just wanted water instead of soft drinks, we were asked again if for sure we didn’t want soft drinks. I understand that’s how the money was made but that double check seems a little pushy. Then when I was trying to pay, there was a switch on the person to take my payment so I had a brief moment holding my card in the mid air looking stupid with no one taking my card. The vibe was set right there.
Then the «red cup» for water never arrived until I asked for it, two plates later. The food overall was on the dry side, including all the fish, ribs, roast beef, and some of the fried chicken. The soups tasted like canned soup and roasted chicken was bland. As I’ve mentioned I really wanted fried chicken but mostly craving for drum legs. I found one from the container so I asked the roast beef cutting guy if I could get some of those from the kitchen (I know I know, selfish request). He told me they were making a new batch as we spoke and would come out soon. Well, by the time it was last call, it never happened.
People who work there were nice and polite though. They kept coming to my table, taking my plates, and asking how I was doing. Well, I was doing fine getting my own water in the middle of chewing because the food was dry, if you must know. The highlight of the food for me was salad and ice cream. Since they don’t really require cooking process, it had less chance to fail and I throughly enjoyed them.
Even though the parking was convenient and it’s right next to Costco, I think I would have better food if I just buffet myself at Costco samples. Sorry, you had one chance to impress me.

Julian M.

Tu valoración: 4
Chino, CA

1) Excellent Location,
2) Recently renovated, and their selection is fantastic
3) Lots… and i mean lots of shops and other eateries in the surrounding area

Eve F.

Tu valoración: 3
Hacienda Heights, CA

Not a bad place if you don’t know what you want to eat for lunch. Went there with a $ 5.99 coupon. Renee was the cashier/​server. She was very nice and friendly. I was watching out for the Dragon Lady Manager someone mentioned before. But I didn’t encounter her. Nor did I dare drop anything on the floor. They have a good variety of food like pot roast, chicken pot pies, Mexican food, some fish, pizza and lots of other stuff. I always start with salad so I don’t load up on the carbs. I like their variety of desserts. Tiny portions so you can sample more than one. Try the coconut cream pie. Still think that Golden Corral is a better choice but for the price, Home Town Buffet will do. I did notice a whiff of an unpleasant odor. Not sure what it was. But I will mention if it’s still there on my next visit.

Eric M.

Tu valoración: 4
Pearl City, HI

This is a nicely remodeled, clean, and inviting location next to a Costco. Pretty big but was busy on a Saturday night. Food quality is good for an inexpensive buffet: items were replenished regularly and were at appropriate temperatures. Service at both the register and the table was friendly and helpful. Would return for another visit if in the area.

Alexander Y.

Tu valoración: 3
Rowland Heights, CA

I’m not gonna bag on Hometown Buffet because it’s not like the food is BAD per se… but it’s definitely not that good either. It’s pretty much fast food quality food, with the only caveat that you can stuff your face to the brim if you so choose. Well, I’m over stuffing myself like a turkey, so coming here doesn’t have quite the same appeal as it used to.
Still, I appreciate the multitude of options here. Breakfast food is breakfast food no matter where you get it and it’s really hard to mess that up. Plus the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are always a plus.
With all that said, I would prefer to not come back here unless I’m eating free (and even then I don’t know). I just can’t do this anymore.

Albert C.

Tu valoración: 3
Claremont, CA

Food: eatable, fast food quality.
Service: not bad.
Price: With the food quality, I think it’s too expensive.
The drink system here is a bit confusing. When I paid for the drink, the front desk lady gave me a red cup. Now I thought this red cup is the cup I can use to get my soda… nope. As I was about to get my drink, I was told the RED CUP can only get WATER. I was utterly shocked and I told the server that I paid, but eventually gave up arguing.

Alicia A.

Tu valoración: 5
La Puente, CA

Havent been to this lovation in years and i was really surprised how amazing it looks. They even have an arcade for the kids, an amazing idea. They renovated everythimg. This place looks amazing im totally coming back.

Vanny C.

Tu valoración: 4
Walnut, CA

Wow what a difference. It used to smell like the back of a kitchen in he main dining room but it looks like the whole place got a face lift! We would always go to Souplantation but this is looking like a great alternative.
The staff is friendly and the food is decent for a buffet. Wish they had a bigger selection though.

Mark M.

Tu valoración: 4
Hacienda Heights, CA

This location has really improved lately. I really think the manager here has re-​worked up this place for a better buffet experience!
I remember not enjoying this buffet as much on my visits in the last few years.
Now with more new selections available daily and a very clean restaurant on my last 2 visits i think they have redeemed their selfs.
The staff seemed to be on the ball with stocking up the food and some came to my table with cookies, yum!
Our table host was very nice and helpful.
i saw a couple employees cleaning up areas. The manager on duty seemed very friendly and helpful on the floor with customers. He was making sure a little boy near our table was having a great birthday party with his family.
He greeted us on arrival and shouted goodbye as we left, very nice!
I really liked the new pot pies they offer. The ribs and chicken were my only problem because they seemed a bit dry and tuff to eat, but when we mentioned it to the manager he quickly made good and brought out some fresh ones for us.
I try to sample as much as i can but with all the selections you can really fill up fast!

S-Goddess V.

Tu valoración: 2
La Puente, CA

Seriously? What happened here HTB?
5 STARS for Excellent Service… but
Extremely disappointed with everything else, while the décor of this place have upped, the quality of the food extremely lacked.
My family and I used to dine at the HTB in Milpitas, CA 2x a week over a decade ago, from what we remembered the food was good.
Now onto present day, what the hell? they went terribly wrong with the décor, the boardwalk theme is extremely out of place. The food was super bland, overly salty, or room temperature. The containers that the food is served in moves! they need to implement their previous serving style into their newer renovated look. (Golden Corral did this right!) Especially with kids serving themselves, with the moving containers, that’s dangerous and is an accident waiting to happen! (literally, the pans can slip and fall to the floor with little effort)
What brought us back here were seeing the delicious advertisem*nts on TV. The Cinnabon, the individual steaks, The steamy cheesy mashed potatoes.
BUT hot damn, just go on and View my photos.
My dog wouldn’t even eat that sorry excuse of a «tender and juicy steak»
I brought this to the attention of our waitress, she informed us that we could special order it and she could get it from the back… so that’s a tip I could give you to save on the disappointment you’re bound to feel.
The Spaghetti was worse than if I had it at an asian restaurant = no taste.
comprable to canned spaghetti.
Their salad was OLD! = Not crisp.
The only thing that was decent was the Dinner roll. OH yeah and the Cinnabon was NOT COOKED throughly. The outside layer & top layer was cooked but not the inside, LITERALLY RAW DOUGH! AND on top of that, it’s so popular that every time they bring a fresh batch out, there is already a line. And if you think about it, each person grabs a minimum of 2 and by the time you get there, you have to wait another 15 mins b/​c they are out. (Fortunately this didn’t happen to me, but it did to the guy behind me)
Major fail HTB. Even your prices increased!
We’ll be visiting Golden Corral next time!

Patrick L.

Tu valoración: 3
Walnut, CA

I came back here after a long 4 years or so. This place has definitely changed for the better! The service is still alright. The interior has been remodeled and looks a bit better.
The food has improve significantly! I enjoyed the chef’s special. When I came in the special was chicken pot pie and it was actually quite delicious! I was very surprised. The rest of the food was not too bad either. I had no regrets going here which I didn’t expect. I wouldn’t mind going back because of how much this place has changed.

Dee G.

Tu valoración: 4
Hacienda Heights, CA

I haven’t been here in a year before today but I think they really improved! They remodeled the whole restaurant so it has a cute theme and looks beautiful. All the chairs and walls look new but they did take out some booths towards the back and replaced it with tables.
Last time I came here customer service was extremely bad and the cashier was rude. However, this time, every staff member I encountered was extremely courteous and friendly.
The food was good and they added a few items like the chicken pot pie and wings on Wednesdays. Only complaint is that they ran out of vanilla ice cream when we went there.
It was pretty busy so naturally many items needed refilling. We wanted the nacho chips but they were out of it and when we asked the manager, he personally went to the back to grab it for us and returned immediately. I believe it was the general manager, the guy with glasses and his picture is on the wall by the entrance. Anyways kudos to him for going above and beyond to make a guest feel welcome!
Anyways if you haven’t been to hometown in a while, I would recommend revisiting this location because it is unrecognizable. Big selection, good price, and friendly

HomeTown Buffet en City of Industry, CA (2024)


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